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Since its establishment in 1993, Apollo has been working as an agency of Dresser Co. to provide control valves, safety valves and other measuring instruments into the oil & gas industry, petrochemical industry and the power plant, etc.
Also, we have always focused on our customer’s benefits and have tried to provide the best services. For providing better services and higher quality products to our customers, Apollo acquired ISO 9001/14001, MARC certificates and has consistently developed ourselves.
In addition, our Research and Development center enables Apollo to manufacture the highest quality products more than just to have the nominal manufacturing techniques. These efforts also lead to obtain TRCU, API and CE certificates.
Based on our core-competence, experience, quality management systems and technologies gained from our long-term business cooperation with our customers such as General Electric, and aggressive investments and constant efforts in research and development, Apollo will continue to experience sustainable growth as a global leader in the manufacture of its products.
Through these efforts, Apollo will strive to expand its network and new markets such as Russia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and beyond.
By doing so, Apollo will always strive to think of realizing our customers’ benefits and expectations while never forgetting our corporate responsibilities in our society.

Representative Director Tae Geun, Kwon

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